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Vet Supplies

Vet Supplies

Wabash is a great value and convenience by a country mile!

We carry many common over-the-counter veterinary supplies for livestock and pet care. We are pleased to have just added a full range of natural vitamins and supplements by NaturVet.

Vet Supplies


For dogs and cats
  • NCanine 5-way, 9-way, and 10-way vaccines
  • NFeline 3-way vaccine
  • NNeedles to 12 ga
  • NSyringes to 60 cc


For poultry, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs and cats


  • NMilk replacers
  • NRaw frozen goat’s milk
  • NVitamins
  • NElectrolytes (for rehydration)
  • NMissing Link Canine supplements
  • NAnd a variety of nutritional supplements for weight gain, and skin and coat!


What kind of vet supplies do you carry?
We carry a wide range of vet supplies for livestock, pets, and other animals. This includes wound care products, antibiotics, vaccines, syringes and needles, disinfectants, and diagnostic tools. We also carry specialized products for specific issues or treatments, like joint supplements for horses or flea and tick treatments for dogs.
Do I need a prescription to purchase vet supplies from your store?
Some vet supplies may only be available from a veterinarian, while others can be purchased over the counter. Our staff can provide advice on which products require a prescription.