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Other Birds

Exotic & Seasonal Birds

Looking for something a little different than your typical backyard birds? Our feed store in Houston, TX has a selection of exotic and seasonal birds for sale! From quail to peafowl, we have a variety of birds to choose from. Visit us today to see our current selection and take home something unique!
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Guinea chicks are available through late Spring and Summer. We can usually locate adults year-round. These fowl make excellent watchdogs. Please call for availability.
Guinea fowl


Turkey chicks are available late Spring and through early Summer. There are several varieties and colors. Some of the chicks we carry are the Bronze, Bourbon Reds, Black Spanish, Blue Slate, and Royal Palm. The adults are available on request, but not usually stocked year-round. Call and we will try to locate them for you.


We stock Pharaoh and Bob White Quail when available.


We can get Ringneck Pheasants as well as more exotic varieties, such as the Amherst and Golden Pheasants.
amhearst pheasants


We carry Peafowl when available. Please call us for information.
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We have several varieties of pigeons available. Available varieties include Fantails, Homers, Tumblers (one of our favorites), Modinas, Lahores. We try to stock White Pigeons on a regular basis. Other varieties can be located by request.


We stock several types of doves on a regular basis. Ringneck Doves (also known as Turtle Doves) are available in various colors, typically white, pied, and tangerine. We can attempt to locate the more exotic breeds on request.


What kind of feed do you offer for other types of birds?
We understand that different types of birds have unique nutritional needs. That’s why we offer a variety of feed options for different types of birds, such as wild birds, parrots, canaries, and finches. We carry feed that is specifically formulated to meet the dietary needs of each type of bird, and we can provide advice on which feed is best for your bird.
What should I feed my wild backyard birds?
If you enjoy feeding wild birds in your backyard, we carry a range of bird seed and feed specifically formulated for wild birds. This can include seeds, nuts, suet, and other high-energy foods that are a great source of nutrition for birds. Our staff can provide advice on what type of bird feed is best for the birds in your area.