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Livestock Feed & Supply

We carry a wide range of high-quality feed and supplies to cater to all your livestock needs. From chicken feed to horse feed, we have everything you need to keep your animals healthy and happy. We also carry livestock equipment, such as waterers and feeders, and a variety of bedding options. Our staff is always available to help you find exactly what you need.

Livestock Feed

Think of us as nature’s cafeteria. There’s a little something for everyone!

We carry feed and supplies for all barnyard animals, wild birds and pond fish. Bulk feed for:

  • NHorses
  • NCattle
  • NSheep and Goats
  • NHogs and Miniature Pigs
  • NDoves and Pigeons
  • NPoultry, including New Country Organic rations
  • NWaterfowl
  • NPond Fish
  • NWildbirds
  • NHummingbirds
We sell alfalfa hay, and coastal hay by the bale
Livestock Feed Delivery available in Houston, TX*

Farm & Livestock Supplies in Houston, TX

At our farm and livestock supply store in Houston, TX, we offer everything you need to keep your farm running smoothly. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to help you find exactly what you need for your specific operation.

Supplies in Stock:

  • NFeeders & Waterers
  • NBuckets & Tubs
  • NStock Tanks
  • NIncubators & Nest Boxes
  • NPine shavings & Pellets
  • NPDZ stall & coop deoderizer


For those who breed chickens, quail, or other birds, we offer a range of incubators to help you hatch and rear your birds. Our incubators are designed to be both effective and easy to use, ensuring that you have the best chance of hatching healthy birds.

Our staff can provide advice on the best incubators for your needs and offer tips on how to use them. Plus, we offer a range of egg turners and other accessories to make the incubation process as smooth as possible.

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What kind of feed do you offer at your store?
We offer a range of high-quality feed for livestock, poultry, and pets. This includes feed for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, wild birds, as well as specialized feed for animals with specific nutritional needs. We only carry trusted brands in the industry to ensure that our customers have the best quality products available.
What kinds of supplies do you offer?
In addition to feed, we offer a variety of supplies for animal care and husbandry. This includes bedding, hay, shavings, pest control products, vitamins, supplements, and more. We also carry pet and animal health products, like flea and tick treatments, grooming supplies, and dewormers. Whatever your animal care needs are, we have the supplies to help you.