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Farm-to-Table Food & Groceries

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Food for thought or for whatever.

No trip to Wabash Feed & Garden is complete without a visit to our local home grown, raised and produced specialty food section.

Wabash is proud to provide our discerning customers with a wide variety of farm fresh products and wholesome, natural products from area farmers and producers.


From free-range eggs to raw local honey!

From ultra-fresh, free-range eggs delivered weekly from our farmer friends accross the Houston area, to the finest, 100% pure, raw local honey produced right here in Houston, Wabash provides only the finest and freshest products.
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Preserves, candied and pickled stuff!

Wabash also carries a wide variety of old-fashioned sodas, farm-fresh preserves and specialty products from area farms including classic favorites like dilled pickles, strawberry rhubarb preserves and apple butter to exciting new favorites like cherry sweet fire, Ghost Chili Salsa and hot asparagus bullets — guaranteed to wake-up your taste buds!

Wabash also carries “Scotty’s Stout” fermented vegetable products, including Kimchi, Sauerkraut, and others.



What are farm-to-table groceries and food?
Farm-to-table refers to a production and distribution model where food is grown or raised locally, often on small farms, and is then sold directly to consumers. Farm-to-table groceries and food often emphasize sustainability, freshness, and supporting local agriculture.