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Pots / Containers

Pots & Containers

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We offer a unique selection of pots and containers that will help you showcase your creative side and add some personality to your garden.

  • NTerracotta (clay)
  • N3″-14″ saucers -clay
  • NFabric (Smart Pots)
  • NBell
  • NPlastic
  • NMainly blow-mold 1 qt-15 gal, some decorative pots and planters.
  • NPeat
  • NPots and “jiffy” type for seedlings and cuttings.
  • NCeramic Glazed
  • NTalavera
  • NVietnamese
  • NIndoor pots

Standard & Azalea Pots

Our selection of standard and azalea pots includes a range of sizes and colors to suit your every need. These pots are perfect for planting your favorite flowers and plants and will add a touch of simplicity to your garden.


Decorative Pots

If you’re looking to add some quirky and playful flair to your garden, our selection of decorative pots are perfect for you. From pots shaped like animals to ones with fun patterns, we have everything you need to showcase your unique style.
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Animal Figures

Our selection of animal figures is perfect for gardeners who want to add a touch of whimsy to their outdoor spaces. These animal-inspired pots and containers are perfect for animal lovers and are sure to add some character to your garden.
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What types of pots and plant containers do you carry?
We carry a variety of pots and plant containers for all types of gardening needs. This includes plastic, terracotta, ceramic, and wooden containers in different shapes and sizes. We believe that a beautiful and functional container is the perfect finishing touch to any garden project.
Can I use any type of container for my plants?
While many types of containers can be used for plants, it’s important to choose the right type of container for your specific plant and gardening needs. Some plants, like succulents, require pots with good drainage to prevent overwatering, while others may thrive in self-watering containers. Our knowledgeable staff can provide advice on which type of container is best for your specific plants and gardening needs.