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Garden Grounds

Garden Grounds

Come check out our wonderful selection!

Houston’s Organic Gardening Headquarters

Store Hours: M-F: 9a-6p / Sat: 830a-6p / Sun: 10a-5p


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Moving Announcement

Front Counter Position available – Click HERE for details!

New Class Schedule / Spring 2015 Available Here

Now in: melons, okra, watermelons, cowpeas & eqqplant

New Quality Dog and Cat Foods from Nutrisource, Orijen and Precise.

Look for the SALE Tags

Chicks or Pullets available from Wabash throughout the spring season (February-May). Call for availability.

Ameraucana (easter eggs), Silver laced wyandotte, Black australorp, Buff orpington, Rhode Island Red, Silkie, Gold sex link, Assorted bantam breeds, Assorted crested breeds (polish etc), Welsummer (chocolate brown eggs), Cuckoo Marans (chocolate brown eggs)

Specialty Fowl available from Wabash this spring (straight run): Assorted ducklings, Mallard ducklings, Bronze, Turkeys, Guineas

Our name has changed, but the ownership has not. We’re still the same Wabash you’ve come to rely on and enjoy. If we don’t have it, we can usually order it, so come on in, peruse the store and ask us questions. We’re always willing to help!

To view our Community Blog, please visit community.wabashfeed.com.